What Makes Gold Buckle Certified Horse Sales Different?

Gold Buckle Certified Horse Sales will have the certified logo on the catalog. This is what sets a Gold Buckle Certified Sale apart from any other online auction:

Step 1:

Our Gold Buckle Pros prescreen each and every horse that are in a Gold Buckle Certified sale.

Step 2:

Each Gold Buckle Certified horse has a Veterinarian check and is X-rayed. These X-rays are downloadable so each bidder can send them to their own veterinarian and get an opinion.

Step 3:

We have one of our own Gold Buckle Pro’s meet each consignor, and  preview the horse. 

They will walk through our checklist of items and video each horse.  The video will include: catching, saddling, picking up all 4 feet, having the consignor ride the horse and then our Gold Buckle Pro will also ride each and every horse and give you the bidder their first impressions and overall opinion. 

You will have an unbiased 3rd party opinion on every horse we sell.

That’s the Gold Buckle Certified process.

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