How Our Certified Process Works

The Gold Buckle Horse Sale Process:

Step 1:

Consignors need to submit an application to be in our online sale. This application will be reviewed by our pro panel and you will then be contacted by a Gold Buckle Pro.

Step 2:

Once your horse is approved, consignors will complete the intake form and pay the listing fee. At this time, your Gold Buckle Pro will be setting up you demo and photographer/videographer.

Step 3:

Consignors will be given a day, time and location for their horse to be previewed by the Gold Buckle Pro in their area.  The horse will be professionally photographed and the preview will be videoed.

The pro will walk through our checklist of items such as: talking about the horses overall appearance and any blemishes it may have. They will picking up all 4 feet, saddling, and putting on the bridle to show the horse’s overall demeanor.

The Gold Buckle Pro will also ride each horse to give you and potential buyers, their first impressions and overall opinion. 

You will have an unbiased 3rd-party evaluation and impression.

Step 4:

Once all forms, photos & videos are received, Gold Buckle will then confirm your sale dates and get them listed on our site.

We provide a minimum 7 days of constant advertising and marketing for each horse, which is done prior to and throughout the sale.

Once the sale is complete, you will be presented with the highest live money bid on your horse. If the bid is accepted, you and the buyer will arrange transportation for the horse.

That’s the Certified Horse Sale process.

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