How Our Certified Process Works

Our Certified sales are to help bidders and consignors verify the basics of each horse we sell. The catalog title will say if it is a certified sale or not.

Step 1:

Consignors submit an application to be in our online sale and have to be accepted by our panel.

Step 2:

Consignors will complete the intake form, pay listing fee and obtain the required X-rays. These X-rays are downloadable so each bidder can send them to their own veterinarian and get an opinion.

Step 3:

Consignors will be given a day, time and location for their horse to be previewed by the Pro in their area.  The horse will be professionally photographed and the preview will be videoed.

The Pro will walk through our checklist of items and will professionally photo and video each horse. 

The video will include: talking about conformation and any blemishes, picking up all 4 feet, saddling, putting on the bridle. The Gold Buckle Pro will also ride each horse to give you, the bidder, their first impressions and overall opinion. 

You will have an unbiased 3rd-party evaluation and impression.

Step 4:

Each horse comes with 30 days of mortality insurance to protect our buyers in case something happens.

That’s the Certified Horse Sale process.

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