About Gold Buckle Horse Sales

Years of experience has taught us that buying the right horse can be tricky.

 From looks, demeanor, soundness, temperament, athleticism, to overall mind there are a lot of factors that go into finding the right horse for you.  Gold Buckle has come up with a process to take the guesswork out of finding the right horse.  Each Gold Buckle Certified horse is Vet -Checked, previewed and tested by a Gold Buckle Pro.  Let’s meet the Team.

Troy Goeckeritz

CEO and Founder

I have had multiple years of experience in the auction world. Mainly buying horses at auctions that I thought were the right horse for myself and then finding out very quickly they weren’t.

Creating a user-friendly platform, app and process to help everyday people like myself buy the right horse has become a passion.

Horses can be a wonderful memory building part of your family. We want to help you make the best decision possible when buying a horse.

I have partnered with the best in the business that have the experience and reputation to help you the bidder be as confident as possible in the horse you are bidding on.

Matt Sherwood

Gold Buckle Senior Pro

Matt Sherwood started his professional rodeo career in the middle of 2005. In 2006 He headed for heeler Walt Woodard.

This partnership turned into a world championship as the team dominated the sport all that year winning the world title.

In 2008 leading the standings all year would result in his second world championship. Since then Matt has made 6 trips to the Wrangler National Finals.

He has also accomplished other prestigious team roping goals. Winning the George Strait team roping classic in 2014. Mike Cervi Memorial 2014.

During his career he has won the Houston stock show and rodeo, San Antonio stock show and rodeo, Ft Worth stock show and rodeo, Tucson, Cody Wy, and others Omaha tour finals.

Other circuit qualifications include qualifying and competing in the final round of the American heeling.

Matt has been married for 29 years, has 7 children, and 4 grandchildren. Lives in Pima Az. Loves basketball and watching his kids play sports. He feels he has had the absolute best life.

Cody Bradford

Gold Buckle Senior Pro

Cody has loved horses since he was a little boy and has done everything from roping, ranching and hunting on horses to running a dude ranch in Hawaii.

When he worked in Hawaii he bought horses from the mainland and had them shipped to Hawaii and trained them and sold them to people on all of the islands for team roping and polo.

He loves to watch his two sons rodeo in the junior high and high school circuits. There aren’t very many days that go by where Cody isn’t on a horse.

He loves to buy prospects and help his friends and family find horses that fit them.

Finding and buying prospects can be very challenging and time consuming in today’s day and age.

We think it should be a lot easier and that’s where Certified Gold Buckle Horse Sales come in!

Cody Bradford

Ryan VonAhn

Gold Buckle Senior Pro

  • College National Champion Header
  • 3x Great Lakes Champion Header
  • 2x Great Lakes Champion Heeler
  • Ram National Circuit Champion Heeler

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