Consign Your Horse To Be Part of The Gold Buckle Horse Sale Program

We partner with the very best Ranches and Consignors to keep all our online sales the highest in quality and reach new bidders around the world.

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Consignor Benefits

We save you money as a consignor and market your horse to thousands of bidders (using Google, Facebook, YouTube) with you never having to leave home.

  • No listing fees
  • No travel
  • No Lodging
  • No stall fee for your horse
  • No Food

The best part is your time. All you need to do is sit back and field calls. If someone wants to try your horse they will come to you.

What’s Included?

Vet Check and X-Rays

Instead of a list fee we want you to put that money toward a full Vet check by a licensed Vet and have all 4 feet X-rayed. We will not schedule your preview with a Gold Buckle pro until you have this step completed.

Gold Buckle Pro Preview

If necessary

No Sale Fee

As long as you and your Gold Buckle Pro arrive at a fair reserve on your horse there is NO no sale fee. If you are above what your Gold Buckle Pro thinks is fair and your horse does not hit the reserve you will pay $300.


30 mortality insurance policy included.

8% Commission

Gold Buckle charges an 8% commission on all horses sold.


Shipping is included in price. Make it easy and have each horse sold shipped right from your home or ranch.


If you decide to sell your horse between when you sign the Consignment agreement and the end of the online sale you will still owe Gold Buckle Horse sale the full 8% commission.

If your horse is selected, here is what you can expect:

Step 1:

Our Gold Buckle Pros prescreen each and every horse that are in a Gold Buckle Certified sale.

Step 2:

Each Gold Buckle Certified horse has a Veterinarian check and all 4 feet X-rayed. These X-rays are downloadable so each bidder can send them to their own veterinarian and get an opinion.

Step 3:

We have one of our own Gold Buckle Pro’s meet each consignor, and  preview the horse. 

They will walk through our checklist of items and video each horse.  The video will include: catching, saddling, picking up all 4 feet, having the consignor ride the horse and then our Gold Buckle Pro will also ride each and every horse and give you the bidder their first impressions and overall opinion. 

You will have an unbiased 3rd party opinion on every horse we sell.

That’s the Gold Buckle Certified process.

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